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In Windows XP SP2/SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and later operating systems, a personal firewall is enabled by default. The personal firewall automatically blocks applications who open a TCP socket to communicate with other applications. Since DataProtect uses TCP sockets to communicate with the DataProtect Server and the GUI front-end, smooth working of DataProtect will be hampered. Hence, either you have to disable the firewall settings or you need to exempt DataProtect from the firewall configurations. The TCP/HTTP ports used by DataProtect and its GUI front-end are:

TCP/HTTP Ports: 32005, 32008, 6060, 6061

The following are the steps to add StoreGrid.executables in the exception list of the firewall:

  1. Open Windows Start Menu -> Control Panel -> Windows Firewall
  2. Select Exceptions tab
  3. Under Programs and Services, click "Add Program" button
  4. Add 'StoreGrid.exe' from "<DataProtect_Home>/bin" folder.
  5. Add 'Apache.exe' from "<DataProtect_Home>/apache" folder.
  6. Select OK to save the configuration and exit.

The above will enable DataProtect to use any TCP ports as the firewall settings has been exempted for the DataProtect and Apache application.

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